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Follow me? Live-action music video: Buy this cover on iTunes: Thank you Gryph: and thank you Michelle: for being more talented than anyone I've ever spoken to xD And thank you to all of my additional artists: TheMAM: Miloyeo: Acesential: AleximusPrime: AcrylicBrony: Riquis101: Meepsa: Amandaam: Cloud-Shaper: HoofSplatter: (I seriously hope I spelled all of your names correctly in the credits) And thank you Ink Rose for playing along: To everyone who saw this at my panel, first off, sorry about the other hour and 55 minutes, but I thank you all for showing up and enjoying it (mostly). TrotCon really was a great experience and being a guest there made it even better! I actually started working on this back in September, which is also when I told Black Gryph0n about it... so I can tell he's been extremely anxious to see it, and so has Michelle. Well... hopefully they're not too disappointed! lol Really, this was basically my ultimate Brony Fan-service. My version of throwing pandas at bronies. Because I really do love the fandom and I don't ever wanna see it slow down. And I don't meant to toot my own horn, but this should speed it up a bit. ^^

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