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Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Mother Earth - Our Icons

Lyrics: Gold-plated icons attract the pilgrims And people are clean and washed, go into the arms of destiny (from the sauna) Warm, elegant icons to heal the souls of the russians And dearest Jesuses are calling to the lay people (Comeoon!)

Chorus: Our icons are the most beautiful! Pam-pam-pam pam-para-pam

Icons hang on nails with the blessing of of the saints And our beloved churches is always a way for young A non-Russian unbaptized stare and choke with saliva Scraping the concrete mixer and crying over their destiny


Jews - from the word liquid / russian pun / Jews - from the word cheapskate / russian pun / Jews - from the word liquid (This is disco!) Jews - from the word cheapskate / russian pun /

Saints are smiling from the heavens, sainth are happily watching As Russia is being reborn and temples shine with gold Saints are waving to us from the skies And the president in the Kremlin bunker dictates a righteous law


Our president is better than Hitler because he is KIND Pam-pam-pam-​​pam-pam param The most favorite I would like to have sex with him


We have the cheapest icons in Tver I was lucky - I live there, where the icons are the cheapest On the waterfront, Athanasius-Nikitina str. I have already plastered all bathroom ... And the toilet ... I have a joint WC

The Group 'Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля' (in English, roughly -- Ensemble of Christ the Saviour and Crude Mother Earth -- Trans.) is one of the most uncompromising and totally politically incorrect musical projects of the Russian national underground scene. Musically, they are crude, overly politicized, aggressive hardcore (in its original form and purpose), with an obvious and blatant bias in religious and social obscurantism. The musicians describe their style as "radical political hardcore", ideologically preaching "chauvinism and obscurantism" (quote).

The group consists of three people who have already earned their name and weight in the circles of the radical underground. Xenia Hitler was involved in a number of extreme musical projects, particularly in noisy coprotechno-project AUDIOPIZDA. 'Starukha Izergil' is one of the most famous freaks of domestic counter-culture and, since 1999, has an extensive discography of creativity, including both solo albums and singles (mainly in the genre of club music), and unprecedented Orthodox chauvinist projects NeoIzergil and ПРАВАЯ СЛАВА и ГРУППА АСКЕТОВ, in collaboration with renowned extreme musician Alexei Glukhov, of which more than two dozen different radical underground projects were created. (In particular, groups such as МОЛОТ РОДИНЫ, ПРАВОСЛАВНЫЙ ТРАКТОР, NECROCEPHAL, ВКУСНЫЙ КОНЕЦ, VOMITFALL PIGWORLD BOMBARDER, and many others) By the way, Alexei is the third member of Ensemble of Christ the Saviour, playing on almost all instruments.

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