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Click Here for Fallout New Vegas Wild Wild Wasteland!

The Commonwealth of Fallout 4 is a crazy, crazy place. How better to survive it than with a gentle psychopath and his giant green super-mutant friend?

  • Disclaimer* Gentle George is anything but gentle so if you're sensitive to violence or worried about spoiling any element of the game I'd wait a while before watching Crazy Crazy Commonwealth. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

This video meant a lot to make for me since its predecessor (Wild Wild Wasteland) was one of my favorite projects back in high school and represented a type of benchmark or time capsule for style and quality on my channel. I did my best to hold this video to that same standard!

Music used: (In order of appearance) Gettin' Live - GRiZ ( Witch Theme - Left 4 Dead ( Tank Theme - Left 4 Dead ( Chill - Toby Fox (Undertale Soundtrack: When Johnny Came Marching Home (

This video features voices and sound effects from Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. I included these partly as homage to the last video I made (Wild Wild Wasteland) but also to help fill some of the 'dead air' that seems to be common in most Bethesda games.

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